Monday, 27 August 2012

53.Fremdeblicke - Artist Showcase - Gaurang Makhwana

A young budding artist from Ahmedabad, India, has developed his own new genre of paintings, mostly using acrylic and water colors to create the charismatic bright and dull textures in them, which largely orbit around the central idea of the contrast of rural versus urban ethos and their variances...the progress of technology and deterioration of values…growing material comfort and lessening mental peace…. ‘Development at the cost of Destruction’!!!

Most of his creations are intensely thought-provoking and take us to the world of ceaseless debating thoughts of coalescence of rural lifestyles with modernity….the simplicity & serenity of the countryside, its vivacious and joyous festivals, the small but cohesive social groups, their traditions, customs and rituals……to the stifling, nerve-wracking and fast paced urban life. His paintings convey the message - “Back to Nature”.

One of the participating artists of the 53rd Fremdeblicke exhibition, titled 'Does it make Sense? ', he was a significant participant in the making of  “The Longest Painting of the world : The Kankaria lake, Ahmedabad” in 1999 which was painted by  2200 artists together for three days and nights continuously and  has found a place in ‘The Guinness Book of world Records’. The “86 Feet longest mural work in Gandhi Nagar, Sachivalaya” stands as yet another example of his artistic endowment.

A few of his paintings are featured here and to find out more about him, you may please visit his facebook account
Garurang Makhwana

by Sudeepta Mohapatra
(On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team)

Monday, 13 August 2012

53.Fremdeblicke - Artist Showcase - Sarita Singh

Dear Artlovers,

Sarita Singh, a brilliant young artist from Hyderabad, India , a potential comrade of the clan of ‘young contemporary Indian artists’ , draws inspiration for most of her art predominantly from the various forms of nature : trees, creepers, foliage, birds, blooming flowers etc. and their relationship with human beings. Birds portraying the idea of ‘celebration of life’, flying high beyond the boundaries and fear of death , blooming flowers signifying ‘the enlightenment of our inner subconscious’, the density of trees & foliage offering the opportunity of playing with various combinations of illumination & darkness.

Through her art, she propagates & reiterates the philosophy of R.N.Tagore that Painting unlike literature has the liberty to produce forms which need not necessarily function as the medium of expression of ideas & sentiments, rather provide the freedom of describing some of our imaginations with lucidity and some further left to the visualization of the onlooker with a new perspective of his own.

An outstanding artist having numerous awards and honors in addition to several national exhibitions to her credit, her creative mysteries find their expression in several forms like Oil Paintings, Murals, 3D Clay Paintings, Tanjore, Jharokhas, Abstract, Drawing & Sketching, Charcoal, Rajasthani, Mugal Miniature, Landscape, Portrait, Mixed media, Pot Painting, Designer Name Plates, Wall Clocks, Stain Wood ,Stain Glass etc.

Although it is very tough selecting only some from all her amazing creations, still featuring here a few of them showcasing her immense creativity:

P.S: The other works of Sarita can be viewed in her website here

We hope you had a wonderful time reading about Sarita. Have a nice time and we will see you soon on the next post with another wonderful artist !

by Sudeepta Mohapatra
(On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vernissage - 53.Fremdeblicke - Does It make Sense ?

Dear Art Patrons,

On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team, I wish to update you all that we had a very successful opening /Vernissage for the 53rd exhibition in the Fremdeblicke series.

The event pictures are all updated on facebook. The 'Current Exhibition Gallery' page will also lead to the event pictures.

I would like to thank all the visitors for their support in making the evening successful, and we are looking forward to seeing you again in a short time.

A huge thanks to Dr. Pravu Majumdar for his endless support !
A special thanks to my friends Swathi Bhatnagar and Tiasa Majumdar for organising the wonderful snacks. A huge thanks to all my friends without whom this event couldnot have been possible

I hope you all have a nice time with the pictures. And I will be back soon with the artist showcases as promised. Anyone who is in Munich and has missed out on the opening, they can still view the paintings at Klartext. The exhibition ends on 12th September 2012. All the paintings are for sale. People interested to buy any painting can inquire at the Klartext office for the price list.

I would request you all to also like our facebook page

Sunyana Sarangi
(On behalf of Fremdeblicke Team)

Friday, 6 July 2012

53.Fremdeblicke - Invitation / Einladung !

Dear Art patrons,

The Fremdeblicke Team invites you to the opening of the 53.Fremdeblicke Exhibition/Austellung titled ''Does It make Sense ?''

The invitation is attached below. Date and Venue details are -

Ort/Venue : Klartext e.V.
                     Augustenstraße 77 (Rückgebäude)
                     U2 (Theresienstraße)
                     80333 München

Eröffnung/Opening : 13.Juli ab 18:00 Uhr / 13th July 18:00 hrs onwards
exhibition in munich by Indian artists

We will be coming up with individual Artist Showcases in the following posts. To know more about the artists and their inspirations, please keep visiting this blog.

Incase you are wondering what ''Does It make Sense?'' means, then you definitely need to attend the opening :-) !

Looking forward to seeing you all on 13.Juli at 18:00 hrs.

On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team,

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Introducing 53.Fremdeblicke !

Dear Art Patrons,

In just a week's time, Fremdeblicke team will be all set to host another Vernissage, the 53rd in the Fremdeblicke series, showcasing a group of Indian Artists.

The flyer with all required details will be posted in a couple of hours and the Fremdeblicke blog will individually showcase all the participating Artists in the following days. Please follow the blog to get to know the artists.

This exhibition will make a sincere trial to compile India in to the evening.

We will be back soon with further details.

On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team,

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

52. FremdeBlicke

Dear Art Patrons,

I am glad to inform you that the 52. Klartext Exhibition titled 'UNNAHBAR NAH' successfully had its Vernissage on the 25th of May 2012. Exhibited are paintings from Stephanie Straube.

The exhibition is open for viewing untill the 4th of July 2012 at

Klartext e. V. – Zentrum für Sprache und Kultur
Augustenstrasse 77 RG, München-Schwabing, U2 Theresienstrasse

The exhibited paintings can be also be viewed online under the ,,Current'' FremdeBlicke menu.

On behalf of the Fremdblicke team, I would like to invite you to 52nd Exhibition of Fremdblicke.

Sunayana Sarangi
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