Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vernissage - 53.Fremdeblicke - Does It make Sense ?

Dear Art Patrons,

On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team, I wish to update you all that we had a very successful opening /Vernissage for the 53rd exhibition in the Fremdeblicke series.

The event pictures are all updated on facebook. The 'Current Exhibition Gallery' page will also lead to the event pictures.

I would like to thank all the visitors for their support in making the evening successful, and we are looking forward to seeing you again in a short time.

A huge thanks to Dr. Pravu Majumdar for his endless support !
A special thanks to my friends Swathi Bhatnagar and Tiasa Majumdar for organising the wonderful snacks. A huge thanks to all my friends without whom this event couldnot have been possible

I hope you all have a nice time with the pictures. And I will be back soon with the artist showcases as promised. Anyone who is in Munich and has missed out on the opening, they can still view the paintings at Klartext. The exhibition ends on 12th September 2012. All the paintings are for sale. People interested to buy any painting can inquire at the Klartext office for the price list.

I would request you all to also like our facebook page

Sunyana Sarangi
(On behalf of Fremdeblicke Team)


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