Monday, 13 August 2012

53.Fremdeblicke - Artist Showcase - Sarita Singh

Dear Artlovers,

Sarita Singh, a brilliant young artist from Hyderabad, India , a potential comrade of the clan of ‘young contemporary Indian artists’ , draws inspiration for most of her art predominantly from the various forms of nature : trees, creepers, foliage, birds, blooming flowers etc. and their relationship with human beings. Birds portraying the idea of ‘celebration of life’, flying high beyond the boundaries and fear of death , blooming flowers signifying ‘the enlightenment of our inner subconscious’, the density of trees & foliage offering the opportunity of playing with various combinations of illumination & darkness.

Through her art, she propagates & reiterates the philosophy of R.N.Tagore that Painting unlike literature has the liberty to produce forms which need not necessarily function as the medium of expression of ideas & sentiments, rather provide the freedom of describing some of our imaginations with lucidity and some further left to the visualization of the onlooker with a new perspective of his own.

An outstanding artist having numerous awards and honors in addition to several national exhibitions to her credit, her creative mysteries find their expression in several forms like Oil Paintings, Murals, 3D Clay Paintings, Tanjore, Jharokhas, Abstract, Drawing & Sketching, Charcoal, Rajasthani, Mugal Miniature, Landscape, Portrait, Mixed media, Pot Painting, Designer Name Plates, Wall Clocks, Stain Wood ,Stain Glass etc.

Although it is very tough selecting only some from all her amazing creations, still featuring here a few of them showcasing her immense creativity:

P.S: The other works of Sarita can be viewed in her website here

We hope you had a wonderful time reading about Sarita. Have a nice time and we will see you soon on the next post with another wonderful artist !

by Sudeepta Mohapatra
(On behalf of the Fremdeblicke Team)


  1. I am absolutely blown away by Sarita Singh's talent! She is so diverse in so many mediums. The siporex murals look like ancient stone sculptures with a modern twist. All thins coming from such a young artist! I so wish I was in India and could take classes from her. Some day....some day....I dream :)

  2. As I went through the gallery, it just hit me that Sarita's abstract painting of bicycles (with blue background) is hanging in my physician's office in the US! My doctor is not Indian however. I always admired that painting. I have no idea how it ended up here in my doctor's office but am glad it did. I might ask her next time. Congrats to Sarita on her amazing talent!

    1. Wow thats fantastic Rupa. I will perhaps ask Sarita about it. Its interesting how small this whole big world is.


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